Fortnite Locker concept gives us everything we want

The Fortnite Locker is due for a rework. This UI concept would give us everything that fans have been requesting.

It appears as though Epic would agree that the Fortnite Locker needs a few tweaks. They even changed some elements of the locker ahead of Chapter 2. This change – by most accounts – was in the wrong direction.

There were a few positive updates, though. You can search for skins by name, which is good for those of us who have over 100 of them from our years of playing Fortnite.

Reddit user u/AitorWesterhof posted a Locker concept to the r/FortniteBR subreddit. This is a complete rework of the locker, and it seems to be what most fans would want.

The comments on this post were almost entirely positive. The creator took the template from the Fortnite Save the World screen and implemented it into Battle Royale. They got a bit more creative from there.

The most exciting part of this concept is that it includes the most-requested Locker additions in Fortnite: presets. Most of us have more skins than we can count. Randomizing these skins doesn’t give us the ability to tailor the complete loadout.

Epic Games

I think that most of us would agree that we’d use more of our skins if we could save a back bling, skin, and pickaxe combination. We won’t have to fumble around while all of our teammates wait for us to finish crafting the ultimate outfit – only to change it again after a few losses in a row.

Fortnite is in need of some quality-of-life changes, and the Locker is a great place to start. Epic could farm some free positive feedback if they implemented small UI updates like this one.

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