Fortnite bug does something very weird to Battle Bus

Fortnite Battle Royale players have had their fair share of bugs to live with during the course of Chapter 2, but an issue involving the Battle Bus might be the most comical yet.

Of course, that’s if it isn’t impacting you in a game.

Much of Chapter 2’s debut season has been filled with crossover material from Star Wars, including the extremely controversial addition of lightsabers, but that event has now come to an end – sending the sci-fi weapons to the vault.

While a hotfix was introduced on January 7 to bring that event, as well as Winterfest, to a close, it seems that more than one new bug has emerged in the process and it’s not great. One player has been launched underneath the map and now there’s another issue.

As regular players and fans will know by now, starting each match consists of dropping from the Battle Bus near a location you want to land at and gliding over there.

However, this bug forces the bus to take a very different route, as seen in a post to Reddit from user DesertGraffitiMaker.

Instead of getting closer to one of the desired destinations, the Battle Bus actually turned in the opposite direction and floated away from the island, meaning the player couldn’t drop.

It’s unknown as to whether this was a one-off or a recurring issue impacting more than just this match alone, but some fans saw the funny side of it.

The Battle Bus driver didn’t want to drop players off here. Image via Epic Games.

“Chapter 3 let’s gooo,” one said, while another posted: “You’re not worthy enough to jump from the bus so he’s taking you away.”

Some users also joked that he had been chosen to stop off at a very different destination, with Apex Legends’ World Edge map mentioned. That, however, is unlikely and those affected will be hoping Epic Games look into the problem swiftly.

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