All unreleased leaked Fortnite skins, weapons and items

Now over two years old, the battle royale portion Fortnite has had masses of content added and removed over its lifespan. But, there’s also a lot of content that has been left unreleased, and possibly scrapped entirely.

Thanks to data miners, who sift through the game files on PC and then leak what they find online, we have a fairly complete list of all the items which Epic once planned to release, but never have.

Everything from character skins, new weapons and consumable items are here, with some very interesting sounding content never to be seen.

Potentially, some of these items could still be added at a later date, but considering some of them were leaked long, long ago, it’s unlikely they’ll ever see the light of day.

This list has been neatly compiled by Reddit user u/Jaydragon978, who has collated various leaks and matched them up against items that were actually added to the game.

The post details a list of 46 items, weapons, skins and even LTMs (limited-time-modes) that never made it into the game despite being leaked.

Unreleased / Scrapped Fortnite Content


  • Stars and Stripes (Contrail)
  • Pizza Pit (Wrap)
  • No Name (K-Pop) (Outfit)
  • Shifu (Outfit)
  • Airhead (Outfit)
  • Kunai Shield (Back Bling)
  • Wisdom’s edge (Harvesting Tool)
  • Pennywise (Outfit)
  • Distracted (Emote)
  • Nebula (Wrap)
  • Personal Banner (Spray)
  • Bob What (Emoticon)
  • Mary Bobbins (Emoticon)

Foraged Items

  • Durrr Fries
  • Durrr Shake
  • Durrr Burger
  • Durrr Hot Sauce
  • Pumpkin


  • Machine Pistol (Common)
  • Machine Pistol (Uncommon)
  • Machine Pistol (Rare)
  • Sword
  • Hammercrush (Epic)
  • Hammercrush (Legendary)
  • (Different) LMG (Rare)
  • (Different) LMG (Rare)
  • No Scope Sniper (Common)
  • Auto Shotty (Common)
  • Auto Shotty (Uncommon)
  • Auto Shotty (Rare)


  • Intel Pack
  • Medic Pack
  • Eye of the Storm Tracker
  • Port-A-Pandora Shelter
  • Petrol (Ammo)


  • Tire Trap
  • Birthday Party
  • Impulse Trap
  • Cage Trap

Points Of Interests

  • Sailing Seals
  • Festival
  • Sewers
  • Museum


  • Purple Reign
  • Wreck It Ralph LTM
  • The Blues

Some of these items may stick out to avid players, such as the ‘No Scope Sniper Rifle’ – which sounds awfully like the Hunting Rifle. However, the Redditor explains that this was in fact another variant, which would have only been available in as common rarity weapon.

The ‘Auto Shotty’ could be an early name for the Drum Shotgun.

It’s also believed that the ‘Auto Shotty’ weapon could actually be the Drum Shotgun, which was released in Season 9, just in it’s earlier stage of development.

With the next season of Fortnite (the second season of Chapter 2) on the horizon, there is expected to be much more content on the way.

The chances that we see any of these scrapped ideas make a resurgence though are slim to none.

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